Uses for Colloidal Silver    

While you can use colloidal silver for many other conditions, here are some of the most common uses.

Eye Infection - In case of pink eye or conjunctivitis, place one or two drops in the eye ever couple of hours

Ear infection - Use several drops or more in the ear every few hours

Nasal Infection - Spray or use several drops or more as needed in each nostril every few hours

Mouth ulcers and gum infections - Use one to two teaspoons inside mouth, swish for one to two minutes then swallow

Colds and Flu- Use one to two teaspoons, place in mouth and absorb sublingually under the tongue. Repeat every few hours. Start early to help avert full-blown illness.

Sore throat and streph Gargle with one to two teaspoons for one-minute, every two hours, then swallow

Cuts, scrapes, mild burns, and abrasions - Apply directly to area or via a band-aid or gauze. Change covering and reapply several time a day.

Urinary tract infections- Oral dosage is one tablespoon taken 3 times daily. Most users report noticeable improvement within two to three days, with the infection generally gone in five to seven days.

Yeast infections- Take a teaspoon every 3-4 hours for up to one month.

Traveling- Take a teaspoon, absorbed sublingually, every few hours.

By: K. Adachi

The list of minor and serious conditions that can be resolved using colloidal silver is practically endless. Colloidal silver has the capacity to help you rid yourself of an untold number of infections, disease conditions, or environmental concerns caused by or aggravated by the growth of bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus, or molds that are either inside or outside of your body, or in your living environment. Paradoxically, this extremely wide breadth of applications has the tendency to overwhelm most readers. The list is so long that people tend to de-focus and unwittingly minimize the full range of therapeutic possibilities that colloidal silver offers. They might rinse their gums with colloidal silver before swallowing, but not think about using it for anything else!

So, besides drinking it, put it into a small atomizer pump bottle (2 or 4 oz size) and carry it in your pocket. I obtained mine by rinsing out a bottle that originally had eyeglass cleaning solution it in, but there are dozens of products utilizing this type of fine sprayer bottle that are found in any drug store. By spraying it externally, you can clear up everything from Acne to Athlete’s Foot & Diaper Rash to Poison Ivy. You’ll be amazed and pleasantly surprised by the results. The ideas listed below are designed merely to stimulate your imagination. Don’t limit yourself by assuming that this list is exhaustive. It’s only the beginning! Remember, you need to try it in order to see for yourself what silver colloid can do.

If you’re a mother with young children, watch how quickly diaper rash, eye infections and ear infections clear up with colloidal silver. For diaper rash, spray directly on the body and into the fresh diaper. You can apply it with an eye dropper for any type of eye infection. Ear infections quickly heal after spraying colloid in the ear, saturating a small piece of cotton for an earplug and then periodically re-spraying. Spray it on band-aid pads to shorten healing time. Spray immediately on burns (sunburns too) to prevent infections, lower pain, and promote faster healing with less scarring. Add to bath water, gargles, colon irrigation and Water-Pic solutions. Added to douches, women will find that it will rapidly clear up vaginal/yeast infections and most cases of cystitis.

Older folks who are bedridden can especially benefit from silver colloid. Rinse all sheets, pillow cases, towels, blankets, etc by pouring a large capful into your washer during its rinse cycle. Naturally, spray it directly on festering bed sores, skin rashes, psoriasis, etc. and watch what happens! Add to soaks for dentures and dental appliances.

Allergic reactions to certain foods or other irritants can cause hives or welts to appear on any area of the body of susceptible people shortly after exposure. Instead of running off to the doctor’s office for a steroid prescription of topical Cortisone or worst yet, Prednisone, spray colloidal silver on the affected area and watch the hives completely disappear in 15 minutes or so!

I never come down with a bug after long plane trips because I always spray silver colloid in my mouth and inhale the mist through my nose and lungs every 30 minutes or so while on the plane. Oral spraying also eliminates bad breath and reduces gum inflammation or abscess pain.

Pet lovers need to add a capful to their pet’s drinking water and spray inside opened cans of pet food that are stored in the refrigerator. Add a cupful to birdbaths, the dog’s bath or your bath. Of course, spray it into Fluffy’s fur and skin if she has any type of eczema, skin sore, abrasion, or a wound that won’t heal, etc. Spray bedding and let it dry.

Put the colloidal silver in a larger pump bottle for use around the kitchen and bathroom. Mist sponges, towels, counters and cutting boards to eliminate odors (especially when preparing sea food), salmonella, E.Coli 0157:H7, (the tainted beef bug that you’ve been reading about in the newspapers lately) and other food-borne pathogens. Spray on fruits and vegetables before storing. Use when canning, preserving or bottling. Add to milk to slow spoilage. Spray garbage cans and refrigerator shelves to eliminate unpleasant odors. Add to dishwater and mopping solutions.

In the bathroom, spray shower stalls, toilets, bath mats, and pour a couple of cups into hot tubs or Jacuzzi. Add to water poured over saunas rocks or utilized in steam baths. Use in gymnasium foot dips. Spray it on urinals, bidets, toilet seats and sinks.

Around the house (or barn or survival area), add a capful to a gallon of water and use as a plant spray to stop fungi, molds, rot, and most plant diseases. Eliminate unwanted organisms in planter soils (E.g. Square Foot Gardening) and hydroponics systems. Add it to suspected drinking water when traveling or camping. It will neutralize all disease causing pathogens within six minutes. Spray it in your shoes or sneakers to eliminate foot odor. Household repairmen can add it to water based paints, wallpaper glues, and sizing compounds and never worry about mildew and mold again. If you live in a humid environment, spray it on carpets, drapes, and stored clothing and free yourself of musty odors and mildewed clothes.

Dr Bob Beck has repeatedly pointed out in his many lectures, that there are literally thousands of other beneficial uses for colloidal silver that need to be attempted and explored. So this is your chance. Do your part and experiment with this marvelous gift of Nature.

Full list of Uses

Colloidal Silver "Documented" Medical Journals' Uses

The following is a list (of 100+) documented Medical Journal uses of
silver for the treatment of various conditions, diseases and pathogens:

Anthrax Bacilli [2, 3]
Appendicitis (post-op) [3]
Axillae and Blind Boils of the Neck [10]
B. Coli [2]
B. Coli Communis [7]
B. Dysenteria [2]
B. Pyocaneus [2]
B. Tuberculosis [7]
Bacillary Dysentery [4]
Bladder Irritation [12]
Blepharitis [13]
Boils [10]
Bromidrosis in Axille [12]
Bromidrosis in Feet [10]
Burns and Wounds of the Cornea [13]
Cerebro-spinal Meningitis [3, 9]
Chronic Cystitis [10]
Chronic Eczema of Anterior Nares [10]
Chronic Eczema of Metus of Ear [10]
Colitis [4]
Cystitis [8]
Dacrocystitis [13]
Dermatitis suggestive of Toxaemia [4]
Diarrhoea [4]
Diptheria [3]
Dysentery [3,6]
Ear "Affections" [5]
Enlarged Prostate [12]
Epiditymitis [10]
Erysipelas [3]
Eustachian Tubes (potency restored) [8]
Follicular Tonsilittis [10]
Furunculosis [3]
Gonococcus [7]
Gonorrhoea [10]
Gonorrhoeal Conjunctivitis [10]
Gonorrhoeal Opthalmia [13]
Gonorrhoeal Prostatic Gleet [11]
Haemorrhoids [12]
Hypopyon Ulcer [13]
Impetigo [10]
Infantile Disease [16]
Infected Ulcers of the Cornea [13]
Inflammatory Rheumatism [3]
Influenza [11]
Interstitial Keratitis [13]
Intestinal troubles [6]
Lesion Healing [12]
Leucorrhoea [8]
Menier's Symptoms [8]
Nasal Catarrh [5]
Nasopharyngeal Catarrh (reduced) [8]
Oedematous enlargement of Turbinates without True Hyperplasia [9]
Offensive Discharge of Chronic Supporation in Otitis Media [10]
Ophthalmology [12]
Ophthalmic practices [5]
Para-Typhoid [3]
Paramecium [1]
Perineal Eczema [12]
Phlegmons [3]
Phlyctenular Conjunctivitis [10]
Pneumococci [2]
Pruritis Ani [12]
Puerperal Septicaemia [15]
Purulent Opthalmia of Infants [13]
Pustular Eczema of Scalp [10]
Pyorrhoea Alveolaris (Rigg's Disease) [8]
Quinsies [8]
Rhinitis [9]
Ringworm of the body [10]
Scarlatina [3]
Sepsis [16]
Septic Tonsillitis [10]
Septic Ulcers of the legs [10]
Septicaemia [5, 8]
Shingles [8]
Soft Sores [10]
Spring Catarrh [10]
Sprue [6]
Staphyloclysin (inhibits) [2]
Staphylococcus Pyogenea [7]
Staphylococcus Pyogens Albus [2]
Staphylococcus Pyogens Aureus [2]
Streptococci [7]
Subdues Inflammation [12]
Suppurative Appendicitis (post-op) [10]
Tinea Versicolor [10]
Tonsillitis [8]
Typhoid [3]
Typhoid Bacillus [14]
Ulcerative Urticaria [4]
Urticaria suggestive of Toxaemia [12]
Valsava's Inflammation [8]
Vincent's Angina [10]
Vorticella [1]
Warts [12]
Whooping Cough [8]



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